On today’s podcast we cover the White House defense in the impeachment trial, particularly the argument put up by Alan Dershowitz. Also, the media takes an argumentative tone with Republicans but not with Democrats, and the Democratic establishment is starting to panic at the idea that Bernie could win.

Alan Dershowitz absolutely blew the Democratic argument for the removal of President Trump from office out of the water yesterday. We have the audio and make the case.

During reporter scrums in breaks from the impeachment trial there is a definite difference in the tone of questions posed to Republicans and Democrats. With Democrats, reporters are simply seeking comment on whatever the establishment media has declared to be the narrative of the day. With Republicans, there is a hostile debate happening with reporters. Plus, a CNN panel showed what the left really thinks of Trump supporters. We have the audio.

The realization that Bernie Sanders could end up being the Democratic Party’s nominee is starting to set in with the establishment and they’re terrified. We have the story.

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