On today’s podcast we talk about the irony of Al Sharpton being trotted out to accuse President Donald Trump of being a racist. We also cover how data can be both true and misleading when discussing how the media talks about the congressional district represented by Democratic Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings to make things look better in Baltimore than they actually are. We preview the Democratic debate and have an update on just how unprofitable the women’s national soccer team actually is.

The fake outrage over President Donald Trump’s tweets about Baltimore continues in the liberal media, with panel discussions about his “racism” over tweeting something objectively true. While the media portrays Cummings’ district as having the second highest average income for a district with majority black constituents, the truth of how they arrived at that number tells a different story and involves the last redistricting and the inclusion of wealthy areas, not an increase in the economic state of West Baltimore.

In an attempt to further accuse the [resident of being a racist, Al Sharpton — MSNBC host, Democratic Party king-maker, and noted race hustler — went to Baltimore. Unmentioned by the liberal media was Sharpton’s history of racism. Weird how that works. And Joy Behar declared, “It’s outrageous and stupid to call a black person a racist.” We expose the absurdity of it all.

Tonight is the start of Democratic debate number two, and polls show that the last debate, after a bump for Kamala Harris and a dip for Joe Biden, have returned to pretty much what they were before the first debate. Will this one amount to anything? We discuss it.

The women’s national soccer team may be a winner on the field, but they’re a bomb in the finance department. From 2009 till 2019, the team has lost $27.5 million. We analyze.

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