On today’s podcast we get into the disgusting push by Nancy Pelosi to fulfill every liberal dream pork project in the coronavirus relief bill. We also talk with past guest Sean Parnell, who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania, about how western PA is holding up under quarantine and how anyone runs for Congress when they can’t campaign in a traditional way.

Democrats see suffering as opportunity. In the rush to pass an economic relief bill to keep the nation’s economy from collapsing, Pelosi and Democrats have decided to push every left-wing policy and pay-off they could think of. The media, naturally, ignores this and takes the side of the Democrats. We get into the details.

Then we talk with best-selling author Sean Parnell, who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania. We hear how the people of western Pennsylvania are handing self-quarantine, get his take on Democrats playing politics with the American economy, and how a challenger runs for Congress when none of the traditional ways of running for office are allowed.

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