On today’s show, we talk about how Democrats started offering their gun control solutions in response to the shooting of 6 police officers in Philadelphia while the standoff was ongoing, and how they always have a solution in search of a problem. Also, 2 illegal aliens are charged with repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Maryland; how many Americans have to suffer before liberals prioritize them over their open border agenda?

While the standoff in Philadelphia with a man who allegedly shot 6 police officers was still ongoing, Democrats were making the rounds on cable news offering what they billed as solutions to the issue, without any idea what actually happened yet. Kamala Harris called for stronger background checks, but it turns out the suspect, who surrendered hours later, has a long criminal record which makes it impossible for him to buy a gun legally. We get into the Democrat Party’s history of having a solution in search of a problem. To top it off, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked one of the dumbest questions in the history of journalism. You have to hear the audio to believe it.

Two illegal aliens, who were deported years ago, were charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in Montgomery County, Maryland. Montgomery County is a sanctuary county where authorities are not allowed to contact immigration officials when they come in contact with illegal aliens, putting the liberal agenda over the protection of Americans. A young girl is the latest to pay the price for the left’s unwillingness to secure the border.

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