On today’s podcast we preview the much anticipated congressional testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller. Democrats are desperate for something new to come out of this to keep their impeachment dreams alive. Anti-Semitic Democrats suffered a humiliating loss Tuesday in the House, Huma Abedin takes in Weiner, Sen. Cory Booker would like to punch the president, former Vice President Joe Biden continues to self-destruct, and California’s rat infestation is about to get harder to deal with.

Today, Wednesday, is Mueller Day in Congress, and he’s slated to testify before House and Senate committees. Will anything new or important come out of it? Unlikely. Democrats basically just want video of him saying selective parts of his report, while Republicans will probably grandstand. If Republicans were smart they’d yield all of their time to one or two Members who are good at cross-examining witnesses, but the prospect of that is low. Everyone wants their moment in the sun.

But it wasn’t that long ago that liberals had given up on Mueller, pinning their hopes instead on the Southern District of New York. Once that fell apart and no indictments were forthcoming, they switched their focus back to Mueller. This will likely be the last bite at that apple and it will probably come up empty. We have the audio and analysis.

The House voted to condemn the anti-Semitic “boycott, divest, and sanction” (BDS) movement in a non-binding resolution. It should have been an easy vote; it’s non-binding, after all. But many progressives really have a problem with the existence of Israel. The vote was overwhelming — 398 to 17 — still, CNN declared the vote to be “divisive.” Why? We explain it.

There are reports that Carlos Danger, AKA Anthony Weiner, is back living with Huma Abedin. Maybe she just can’t quit Weiner?

Cory Booker told Seth Meyers that sometimes his testosterone makes him want to punch the president. He also called the president fat, then attacked Trump for body shaming people and being uncivil. Can’t make this stuff up.

Joe Biden isn’t sure he could have beaten Trump in 2016. The guy whose major selling point with Democratic voters is his perceived electability just told the world he’s not sure he could’ve been elected. It’s like he’s trying to lose.

And California’s rat problem is so bad that a children’s playground at the state’s environmental agency had to be closed out of fear of disease. So what is the state doing about it? They’re considering banning one of the most effective rat poisons on the market because the rats run a slim possibility of being eaten by birds of prey and mountain lions. Seriously.

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