On today’s show we get into the selective outrage expressed by the media over the El Paso, Texas terror attack and how they’re blaming the president for the actions of a monster. However, when it comes to the Dayton shooting and that shooter’s politics, the media is radio silent. Plus, the Democratic Socialists of America held their convention over the weekend and there was a hilarious exchange over gendered language and noise you have to hear to believe.

In the wake of the horrific terror attack in El Paso, the establishment media had their prayers answered when the killer’s manifesto included anti-immigrant rhetoric and racism toward Hispanics. It allowed them to twist his words into something they can blame President Donald Trump for. Uniformly, the chatter on the Sunday shows, CNN, and MSNBC was all about blaming Trump. Supposed news anchors sat silently as a parade of Democrats called the president a racist and accused him of responsibility for the actions of a madman.

Meanwhile, the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, took a backseat after it couldn’t be exploited to liberals’ political advantage. Rather than advocating for more gun control, the left has seized the opportunity to attack the president.

But a trip down memory lane shows that the examples of “Trump’s racism” don’t hold up when you listen to what the president actually said, rather than the liberal spin of his words. We have all the audio.

The Democratic Socialists of American held their convention in Atlanta this weekend and it was a woke-off. One exchange, in particular, was telling about the minds of the radical left. One person complained about delegates talking, and another complained that the first person addressed the room as “guys.” You have to hear it for yourself.

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