On today’s show we get into the Mueller hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill and how, when all was said and done, it was a complete disaster for Democrats.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller clearly didn’t want to be there; he’d said as much in the past. But the reasons why were unclear, until his testimony on his report before two House committees started. Mueller seemingly did not have command of the facts, or knowledge of much of his own investigation. What Democrats had billed as the movie version of the report quickly turned into something bordering on elder abuse.

Mueller needed questions repeated to him, came off as confused and unfamiliar with the work he’d allegedly spent two years doing, and generally gave Democrats nothing they were hoping for. The one thing he did give them — that he didn’t indict the president because Justice Department guidelines prevented him from doing so — he later corrected when it was pointed out to him that he’d said it.

While Democrats saw their movie flop, Republicans had a good day. Pointed questions exposed how legal precedent was ignored and the presumption of innocence, the bedrock of American justice, was not applied to the president in this case. They also exposed how the Mueller team had no interest in discovering how the Russia hoax got started in the first place, as Mueller seemed to testify that he’d never heard of Fusion GPS and wouldn’t even say if he’d ever read the “Steele dossier.”

The dreams of impeachment slipped further away from the grasp of Democrats on Wednesday, and we have all the audio and analysis to make the case.

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