On today’s show we recap the seven hour CNN town hall on climate change with 10 Democratic presidential candidates.
Liberals consider waterboarding to be torture, but seven hours of unquestioned and unchallenged left-wing talking points on climate change is just another day on CNN. Kamala Harris thinks the President can change Senate rules, Beto O’Rourke blames the United States for causing a drought in Guatemala, and Bernie Sanders comes out in favor of abortion for population control. Elizabeth Warren opposes clean nuclear power, Joaquin Castro opposes democracy, and Pete Buttigieg thinks climate change is a tougher situation than World War II. They all also want to force people to buy electric cars, without commenting on how the electricity to charge them will be generated, and stop oil drilling.
Oh, and Joe Biden either nearly revealed national security secrets or forgot what he was talking about halfway through an answer, all while his eye appeared to fill with blood. We have all the audio and analysis.

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