On today’s show we cover California Sen. Kamala Harris claiming situational deafness; Chuck Todd getting angry Trump supporters would hold journalists to the same rules they hold conservatives to; the Afghanistan mess; and Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants you to feel guilty for using straws and eating a burger.

Kamala Harris claimed she didn’t hear a questioner at a town hall in New Hampshire call President Donald Trump’s policies “mentally retarded.” She made this claim despite it being spoken into a microphone, her laughing along with the crowd, and answering, “Well said, well said.” Would any Republican be given anything close to this benefit of doubt by the media? Of course not. We have the audio and make the case.

Chuck Todd took a few minutes Monday on Meet the Press to complain about Trump supporters searching social media posts by journalists to find posts that Todd would be screaming about from the mountain tops were they written by a conservative. But Todd finds this to be a threat to democracy, and likens it to the insane man who’d mailed pipe bombs to liberals last year. This is insane for many reasons, and we get into all of them. Plus we cover Chuck’s dislike of disclosing his wife’s major financial ties to Democrats who appear on Meet the Press.

Afghanistan is a mess. After almost 2 decades of war, is it time to leave? As the president cancels a meeting with the Taliban, we get into how it’s time for the Afghan people to stand or fall on their own.

Pete Buttigieg thinks you should be riddled with guilt for eating a hamburger and drinking with a plastic straw. We have the story.

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