On today’s podcast we get into the disastrous summer for the Biden campaign and the newest poll showing Joe slipping to third place. Elizabeth Warren is now getting new scrutiny, Beto thinks he can win the nomination by calling everything racist, and New York City seeks to end segregation in education by punishing “gifted” students.

The hits just keep on coming for Joe Biden. After gaffe upon gaffe, he tried to assure a group: “I’m not going nuts.” But a new poll shows that he’s going down, significantly. The Monmouth University poll shows Biden lost 13 points since June, placing him 1 point behind Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both tied at 20 percent.

What happened? Well, Joe happened. We get into how Biden’s campaign strategy seems to be to sit back, campaign as little as possible, and hope his name ID wins him the nomination.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is enjoying a bit of a surge in the polls. We discuss how she’s the latest “flavor of the month” on the left. Can she fare better than past holders of the crown?

Beto O’Rourke is still running for president, though no one is sure why. At a campaign stop, Beto blamed all the ills of Central America on the United States, including a drought in Guatemala he blamed on Americans driving SUVs. We have all the audio.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed a commission to study segregation in the city’s “gifted student” schools. Their suggestion, announced Monday, was to shut down the gifted schools because they are too white and Asian. They chose to recommend bringing high-achieving students down rather than focus on improving the failing schools, which happen to be predominantly minority schools. This is stupid. We get into all of it.

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