On today’s show we cover the Biden campaign’s attempt to quell fears of primary voters that their candidate’s mental abilities might not be up to snuff. Jill Biden tries to sell voters on the idea of settling for Joe, Alexandria Ocasi0-Cortez calls the Electoral College racist, and a CNN anchor shows her bias on guns.

The Biden campaign is scrambling to assure voters that Joe has a functioning brain, going so far as to roll out his brain surgeon to make the case. The problem isn’t that people think he might be losing a step, it’s that they think a doctor who’s operated on it is the answer, like voters thought his cranium was a void. His continuous gaffes, including the latest were he said MLK and RFK were killed in the late 70s, don’t help the case.

In addition to the mental issues, the Biden team rolled out a new ad and strategy that essentially comes off as “Settle for Joe.” And they sent out Joe’s wife, Jill Biden, to make the sale. We dissect the audio.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves to call things racist. The latest example is the Electoral College. In an Instagram rant, AOC accused the institution of discriminating against people of color because, well, it was a day that ended in “Y.” We mock her accordingly.

Brooke Baldwin is allegedly a journalist, but you wouldn’t know it by watching her work. She’s very concerned that President Trump and Mitch McConnell don’t “get it” on gun control and wants to know how to make sure they do. We have the audio.

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    I love he metaphors I hear on your podcasts:

    Conga line of the Democratic party.

    Victimhood food pyramid.

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