On the Friday edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we cover the latest round of Joe Biden gaffes that, had they been made by a Republican, would be all the media could talk about. Also, an anti-gun nut walked into a Walmart and told an employee he wanted a gun that could kill 200 people, and liberals are targeting another business because its owners support President Trump. Then there was talk to One America News host Liz Wheeler about her new book, “Tipping Points: How To Topple The Left’s House Of Cards.”

Joe Biden made three gaffes yesterday that, had a Republican made, the the liberal media wouldn’t be able to stop talking about. One of them was so bad that if Trump had made it, liberals would never stop calling it racist. We have all the audio and explain why none of the other candidates want to be seen as the person who finally knocks out the former Vice President.

A Florida man (naturally) thought it would somehow be a good way to protest guns by marching into a Walmart and ask for a gun that could kill 200 people. Needless to say, the police were called. We have the details.

A restaurant in Michigan is the latest to feel the wrath of the left for supporting the President. The mob has descended on Anna’s House in Grand Rapids, Michigan, because liberals, taking their lead from Congressman Joaquin Castro, have been circulating their donations to like-minded leftists online. We get into it.

Then we sit down with Liz Wheeler to talk her new book “Tipping Points,” which is a handbook for debating and defeating liberal arguments on the issues of the day.

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