On today’s podcast we recap the results from the New Hampshire primary and we discuss the ridiculous attempt to put Roger Stone away for 7 to 9 years and how the Department of Justice stepped in to bring some sanity to the case.

Bernie won, barely, in New Hampshire over Pete Buttigieg with Amy Klobuchar in a surprise third. Bringing up the rear were former frontrunners Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. How much longer can they last after this poor showing? We look at all the numbers and make some guesses.

Prosecutors asked the judge in the Roger Stone case to sentence him to 7 to 9 years for lying to Congress, which is more time than a guy in Arizona got yesterday for killing one college student and wounding 3 others. In other words, it was crazy. The Attorney General stepped in, which sent liberals into a rage and caused the four Mueller prosecutors to withdraw from the case. The world is a better place because of it. We get into this insanity.

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