On the show today, the rage keeps on raging from the Trump-hating left and right.

They just can’t help themselves. The anti-Trump media and anti-Trump Republicans continue to freak out over the president’s press conference Monday and his “clarifying” comments at that press conference yesterday. Freaking out is all they do; it’s where they live.

Former President Barack Obama, and Obama’s heads of the FBI and CIA have entered the rage circle, all criticizing the president. When the former president and his heads of the two top intelligence community agencies involved in spying on his campaign, it’s maybe not so surprising that Donald Trump might be skeptical about their work, right?

James Comey called for the defeat of Republicans. He has been portrayed by the media, of course, as a “lifelong Republican,” but is now calling for people to elect Democrats in the fall because he is, ultimately, a partisan hack still angry about being fired for his shoddy leadership at the FBI.

President Obama, no longer armed with his magic pen and phone, criticized President Trump while giving a speech in South Africa, which used to be a no-no. He also lamented “strongmen” who ignore election results…like how Democrats ignored the election of Scott Brown and rammed through Obamacare under special rules, the loss of the House in 2010, and the loss of the Senate in 2014 to rule by executive order, etc. Hypocrisy and outrage abound and we talk about it all.

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