On today’s show we get into the possibility of regulating big tech companies, the latest attempted media smear of President Trump and how it failed miserably, Apple introduces an incredibly expensive new monitor that is missing one critical accessory, Mayor Pete despises Republicans and doesn’t think Al Franken should have resigned from the Senate.

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  1. SeanDMcG Thatcher

    Huge kudos for the landscape video recommendation. I see vertical video as a metaphor for the current cultural landscape. People look at things too narrowly, with blinders on, not being able see the breadth of the situation.

    For example….

    You seem to want to treat the new Pro Display as just another consumer product. I agree that $999 for the Apple stand seems ridiculous (as does the price for their VESA adapter), but the monitor itself was targeted at a very specific market. It was meant to be used by people who probably use several monitors at once, using (VESA) swing arms and/or multi-monitor mounts. Some people put six monitors together. These require removing monitors from the stands that they come with, so that part I have no qualms about.

     Apple says that the competition is a $42,000 monitor. We have yet to see if that it a valid comparison or just marketing hype. After all, this is Apple. However, if it is valid, this monitor is a fraction of the cost. I’m not in that target market, but I am curious to see how it stacks up when it is released.

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    • June 4, 2019, at 6:24 PM PDT
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