On today’s show we discuss the latest in a string of very bad days for journalism, in this case it was CNN and The New York Times.

Don Lemon is accused of assault, Erin Burnett doesn’t understand how a poem is not binding U.S. policy, and Chris “Fredo” Cuomo used the “Italian n-word” to refer to himself. Plus, the lunatics are running the asylum at The New York Times.

Don Lemon is facing a lawsuit claiming he shoved his hand down his own pants, then thrusted his finger into a man’s mustache and asked him a crude question. CNN, in contrast to how they’ve treated allegations against others, is standing firmly behind their primetime personality. We have the details and point out the hypocrisy.

The New York Times is facing a potential mutiny because staff is upset that the paper was not sufficiently anti-Trump enough in one headline, one time, for a short while. This required an all-staff meeting, and the paper is now reconsidering its policy not calling the president a racist. It’s journalism by the standards of the liberal social media mob. We have the story.

CNN host Chris Cuomo is facing backlash after audio surfaced of him referring to himself as “Fredo” the day after video came out of him saying “The Godfather” nickname was the equivalent of the n-word for Italians. Plus, if Cuomo really believed “Fredo” is some horrible ethnic slur, why did he tolerate so many of his CNN colleagues saying it? We have the audio and mock him accordingly.

Then a third CNN personality came off as a buffoon in a discussion about the Trump administration’s policy that Green Card applicants be able to take care of themselves and not become “public charges.” Erin Burnett appears to think the Emma Lazarus poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty is legally-binding federal law. Ken Cuccinelli sets her straight in what is an embarrassing exchange on her show. We have the audio and analysis.

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