On today’s podcast we discuss what the entry of Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic primary means for the rest of the field, and for journalism at his company. Plus, Democrats have now declared the President fighting their demands in court to be “obstruction of justice,” liberals are now calling Barack Obama a conservative, CNN goes full-activist and Elizabeth Warren is caught in yet another lie.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has officially announced he’s running for the Democratic nomination for president, making him the third billionaire to give it a shot this cycle. Who does he threaten most, where does his support come from, and does he matter at all? We have the answers to those questions and more.

Bloomberg’s media company made a shocking announcement after their owner joined the race — they’re not going to do any journalism in regards to their boss. And since they refuse to investigate anything about him or his business or charity dealings, they’re also going to stop investigating any of the other Democrats running too, just to be “fair.” But they’ll continue to investigate President Trump, of course, because “journalism,” or something. We have the story.

Democrats are now so “woke” that they’re declaring former President Barack Obama a “conservative.” Has the party moved so far to the left in just the last few years that even a liberal like Obama now seems “right-wing”? We have some ideas.

CNN isn’t even pretending to be unbiased anymore, not that they were fooling anyone. Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper both had some amazing moments in the past few days that would make any Democratic Party operative proud. We have them.

For some reason, Elizabeth Warren can’t seem to tell the truth about her own life. Her “Native American heritage,” her being fired of being pregnant, and now that her kids didn’t go to private school. It’s almost a compulsion. We have the details.

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