On today’s podcast we get into the new embrace of the deep state by the left, including the New York Times. The left is particularly upset that the attorney general is investigating the origins of the Russia hoax. CBS News asked AOC why she’d endorse “an old white guy,” reports say Ilhan Omar is living with her new boyfriend, and Kellogg’s makes a mess of breakfast in the name of anti-bullying.
For the entirety of the Trump administration, liberals called every mention of the deep state a “conspiracy theory.” Now they’re embracing it. The New York Times celebrated deep-staters as heroes protecting the republic, but they’re actually undermining it. President Trump was elected, no faceless bureaucrats were. Yet these people are actively working to thwart the Trump presidency and so-called journalists are cheering it. We make the case.
MSNBC’s Morning Joe crew is very upset that the attorney general is investigating the origins of the Russia hoax and how the powers of the intelligence community were turned on American citizens. They aren’t concerned at all with the rights of Americans possibly being trampled, nor are they really concerned that the will of the American people could be undermined by unelected bureaucrats, they simply care about their agenda. We have the audio and the evidence.
A CBS News reporter asked Alexandria Ocasi0-Cortez why she endorsed “an old white guy” and whether or not Bernie Sanders would consider her as his running mate. AOC had to point out the fact that she’s not old enough to be vice president. It must be embarrassing to be corrected on constitutional issues by AOC, but it happened and we have the audio.
After denying a relationship, Ilhan Omar is reportedly living with the campaign contractor she’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and was rumored to be sleeping with. Who knew Islam was so sexually liberating for women? And in the name of anti-bullying, Kellogg’s is making boxes of cereal with some of every kind of cereal they make. Yes, it sounds awful.

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