On today’s edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we revel in the latest meltdown on the left — the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

On a day when the big story was supposed to be the end of forced union dues collection, which had already gotten liberals clutching their pearls, the news came that Kennedy was calling it a day, and the rest of the day became an unequivocal left-wing media freak out.

Chris Matthews offered a call to arms to an already angry mob, making a fool of himself in the process. We dissect it.

Then we stroll down memory lane with audio of Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell from 2013 on the subject of ending the filibuster for judicial nominees. Democrats’ chickens have come home to roost, but they can’t say they weren’t warned.

Finally, an MSNBC cub reporter managed to tell the world that he has no idea how United States presidential elections work. It’s equally funny and sad.

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