Justin Steffen

Host Rich Goldberg explores the legal and regulatory landscape of cryptocurrency with a leading FinTech lawyer, Justin Steffen, a partner at Barack Ferrazzano. What’s the difference between letting the SEC or the CFTC regulate crypto? What laws and regulations already apply? Where are the gaps? What will the White House and Congress do next? Rich and Justin discuss all of that and much more.

A National Law Journal Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and FinTech Trailblazer and cited authority on virtual currency, lending, and FinTech issues, Justin Steffen is a Partner at Barack Ferrazzano. He helps banks and FinTechs navigate the legal and regulatory obstacles to innovation. Justin is also the founder and Chair of the CBA’s Financial and Emerging Technologies Committee and an adjunct professor at Northwestern Law School where he teaches FinTech and the Law.

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  1. Henry Racette Member
    Henry Racette

    Another good episode, Rich. Thank you. You and your guest managed to make questions regarding cryptocurrency regulation interesting, and to convey something of the complexity of managing something that is simultaneously a kind of ephemeral rare commodity, a way of distributing shares in new ventures, and a mechanism for executing automated contracts.

    More than ever it seems that dealing with Bitcoin separately from the rest of the constellation of cryptos makes sense. Bitcoin is in some ways the least problematic: it already exists, so isn’t going to be used as an unregulated fund-raising mechanism; it isn’t a programming platform for automated contracts; and the money laundering and fraud challenges represented by Bitcoin should by now be fairly well understood. It’s also the crypto with the most absurd over-valuation, and by a large margin.


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