The Junior Senator From Utah

Lanhee sits down with Mitt Romney for his first podcast interview since being elected to the United States Senate last November. They talk about life in the Senate, the state of US politics, and some of the policies he plans to focus on over the coming months. Lanhee also talks about the Trump-Kim summit and other events of the week.

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  1. Gary Robbins Reagan
    Gary Robbins

    Mitt/Mattis 2020!

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  2. Joe D. Lincoln
    Joe D.

    Man this worrying about the deficit thing is old school thinking. We can just borrow 100 trillion dollars to invest in the future by retrofitting every building to have net 0 greenhouse emissions, culling all of the country’s cattle, switching entirely to batteries, wind, and solar and eliminating all air travel. That will pay for itself in like 2 years, tops! Our creditors will not mind such a scheme at all. There’s no way it would it collapse the value of the dollar.

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