Lanhee is joined by Olivier Knox, the Chief Washington Correspondent for SiriusXM radio and current president of the White House Correspondents Association. They talk about the state of the media, what to expect as they cover the 2020 campaign, and how to restore public trust in the institution. Lanhee also provides his thoughts on whether Joe Biden is doomed already, and where Republicans are on the tricky topic of health care reform.

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  1. Ralphie Member

    As someone who didn’t like Donald Trump, who didn’t vote for him, I find myself finding him more believable than the press after last week. Joe Scarborough just loved having him on his show during the primaries, as much as Fox. I believe that the press’s news and opinion sectors have blurred and I don’t care much what many of them report. While the WH news corp may have been the most serious, they’ve had some jokers there recently also. As of now, it looks like Fox does the best job. I was glad to hear of Obama’s blocking of photographers, but would have liked to hear more about his scandals. The not a smidgon of scandal is Pravda level.

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  2. Ralphie Member

    All I know is what I read in the news. No one seems to pause to check and double check sources. Technology has surpassed human capacity to discern information at the same speed, and in the rush to be first, or to confirm bias, a lot of damage is done. Perhaps there will be an organization that will need to be the slow kid. 

    As politics has invaded all of our private lives, every institution has lost their integrity and seem to be scambling to follow the lead of the loudest. Churches, schools, businesses pander to issues outside of their mission. Every where you go you are confronted with the elite snobbery of the elect few. And most people are followers, not independant thinkers, and that is ok, because otherwise we would be a nation of chaos, but if the leaders are crap, then there goes the neighborhood.


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