What is the role of the Supreme Court in American politics today? How is the current Court dealing with hot-button social and cultural issues, as well as topics like regulation and the scope of the administrative state? What are the major ideas and debates in conservative legal thought today? In this Conversation, Adam White, Executive Director at George Mason Law School’s C. Boyden Gray Center and a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, offers an incisive analysis of the Supreme Court and the role of the judicial branch as a whole in America today. Discussing the current conservative majority on the Supreme Court, White highlights the tension between the desire for judicial restraint and the desire to revisit previous rulings that may have been wrongly decided. White argues that Chief Justice Roberts will have to manage this tension responsibly as he seeks to shape the character of the current Court. White and Kristol also discuss how both liberals and conservatives might treat the Court as a political issue in 2020.

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