In this week’s episode of Constitutionally Speaking, Jay and Luke begin their review of the Constitutional Convention, held in Philadelphia during the spring and summer of 1787. First up is a close look at the delegates themselves, the fascinating, brilliant, and sometimes irascible men who framed our government. On the federalist side, there are men like the soft-spoken yet resolute James Madison of Virginia, the staunch democrat James Wilson of Pennsylvania, and the South Carolina nationalist John Rutledge. On the other side, there are men like Luther Martin of Maryland, the boorish defender of states rights, James Patterson of New Jersey, the Irish-born defender of states rights, and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, the unpredictable skeptic of democracy itself. Jay and Luke also highlight crucial procedural developments, like making George Washington the president of the Convention and lowering the threshold to enact a resolution.

Recommended Reading: National Archives, “Meet the Framers.”

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  1. Coolidge

    This is now one of my favorite Ricochet podcasts. Keep up the excellent work.

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  2. Coolidge

    I think of myself as a political/history geek, not a nerd.

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