Today’s podcast raises the specter of a negotiation between the new president and ten Republicans who offer the possibility of a bipartisan deal on COVID relief. Will he take it as an opportunity to prove he can work across the aisle or view it as a political trap? Also, more on Andrew Cuomo’s perfidy and Donald Trump’s GOP blackmail. Give a listen.

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  1. Quintus Sertorius Coolidge
    Quintus Sertorius

    Mr. Podhoretz….with all due respect….AOC and Marjorie Green have no where near the same power…..AOC has real power…she has the media…..85% of the 30 and under demographic…and the academic institutions behind her……MG has none of that….I understand you are disappointed with some of the new aspects of the Republican Party and I would agree MG is pretty much an embarrassment (but only because the media will bludgeon the Republicans with it) but to argue she has any real power vs AOC is just not true. Oh…and you also can’t use the number of House republicans against Impeachment as evidence as the two are not exclusive. 

    I love this podcast but you are giving the extreme wing of the Republican Party way too much credit and power….it is no where close to the power of the extreme Democrat….

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