Today we begin the podcast with talk about Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin before getting to the hot topic of the day—an apology proffered by a showbiz legend for saying something entirely commonsensical and true. Why did Rita Moreno feel it necessary to abase herself before the gods of wokeness? Give a listen.

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  1. Arnold Falk Member
    Arnold Falk

    As a conservative old white guy listening to what is going on here about what Ms. Moreno said in the interview of her (I like the quote attributed to her read by John Podhoretz), the subsequent wacky criticism of her, and then her unwarranted apology…..I just say, “enough already”.  Let me out of here!   These ridiculous, woke and cultural fascists should just be left to have their tantrums between themselves.  I no longer care what they are saying because everything they say is based on fantasy.  I’m getting to the point that my automatic reaction to this whole topic is just to hit the “off button”, even for my friends at Commentary.  There are many many more important issues to talk about.

    Arnold Falk

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