Today’s podcast asks whether the Democrats are both overplaying their hand politically and setting themselves up to seem like extremists in 2022 or whether Republicans in places like Oregon are setting up the GOP for disaster because of their embrace of conspiracy theory and lies. And what does this mean for the politicians who like to straddle fences? Give a listen.

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  1. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    I’ll say it again.

    The Right-Left/GOP-Dem interpretation of events is near-dead in the water.

    Anyone thinking we are back to political business-as-usual has not assimilated the history of Totalitarianism. 

    History tells us that Totalitarians use deception, lies, infiltration, misdirection, and gaslighting, which means with Totalitarians you MUST assume conspiracy. To do otherwise is to miss the point of Totalitarianism.

    The Democratic Party, Media, and Big Tech are blatantly announcing their Totalitarianism. So of course they are conspiring.

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  2. Old Vines Thatcher
    Old Vines

    Even with a direct request Podhortez can’t keep Noah from hijacking the conversation.  

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