On the last of this week’s podcast, the COMMENTARY crew discusses the problems with the new deportation policies, ventilates on the Democratic National Committee’s race for chair, and wonders whether Trump is wooing the conservative movement or whether the conservative movement has already surrendered its purity to his seductions.

Give a listen.

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  1. APW Inactive

    Your disapproval. I have this sense you all wrote in Kasich.

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  2. Quake Voter Inactive
    Quake Voter

    Does anyone in the conservative press need some actual policy proposals and real world events more than Noah Rothman?  He’s an erudite, passionate conservative.  His heart seems to be in the right place and his head houses plenty of brain power.  But, wow, the conjectual chicken littling is a little out of control.  He can create a very compelling narrative vibe, but in the absence of events it gets out of hand. Podhoretz’s comic timing when assuring the audience that Rothman was mimicking Trump critics about the popular vote and Russian hacking was very clever and understated.

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  3. MRK Inactive

    Well, that was enlightening and confirms my decision to leave Ricochet at the end of my subscription this year.

    I’m not sure why name calling adds to the discussion.  Recently, whenever John Podhoretz joins a podcast the conversation devolves into, if not hate, then blather.

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  4. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert

    Jesus, what is wrong with these people?
    The man campaigns on “I will close the border and send the illegals home” and these three Jacobins from the upper West Side can do no better than to get their skirts in a fire when an anonymous source claims that he is doing so?

    The malignant Never Trumpers are more dangerous to our freedom than the Left.  It makes you wonder whose side they really are on.  Certainly not mine.

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