The podcast takes up the question of whether the Right’s refusal to accept Joe Biden’s victory is genuinely revolutionary or more of an enraged howl against systemic media bias—which also has shown its true colors in the attack on one of COMMENTARY’s most valued contributors, Joseph Epstein. Give a listen.

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  1. Joseph Stocks Member
    Joseph Stocks

    As is becoming a usual thing in these podcasts; they perfect the art of missing the point. JPod actually did a good job of describing a growing dichotomy within the conservative movement with more old school establishment types (like JPod) and a newer, younger, and much more feisty group (he mentions the Claremont Review of Books folks) and how the younger group really prizes ‘fighting’ as a key strategy however that gets defined. I thought JPod did a decent job in this analysis.

    He, obviously, a member of the first group, labels the second group as an ‘intellectual degeneration’ which doesn’t bother me too much.

    Then the gang gets into the Kavanaugh affair and my question is: what intellectual energy is needed to fight the false sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh? 

    This is where JPod and the crew lose their credibility. The fight to defend Kavanaugh, while necessary, isn’t an intellectual exercise. But it still must be done but JPod thinks that somehow dirties our hands and makes us less intellectual. 

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