Our podcast crew wonders at the disintegration of the Trump case and the dissolution of the Trump legal team and asks whether it is comic or tragic and what the fallout will be. And then we take up the incoming Biden foreign policy team and how woke or not-so-woke it will be. Give a listen.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    So you go out to a poker game….and during the coarse of the evening it dawns on you – that you’re being cheated. What do you do? Pick up and walk away? Challenge the organizer? Turn over the table and clock the cheaters? The one thing you absolutely do not do, is ‘be a man’ and sit there and continue to take it, thats not being a man, thats being a sucker, maybe even the noble loser. You should know from the 2016 primaries onward, Trump is not the Noble Loser. If you want a Noble Loser go back to the Bob Doles, Mitt Romneys and the other ineffectual battered country club wives of the republican party. Just cede the battleground to democrat majorities for another generation.

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  2. Gazpacho Grande' Coolidge
    Gazpacho Grande'

    I love the definition and clarification of what constitutes manliness and wussiness from this crew.  I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time.

    I’ve been listening pretty solidly over the course of the summer and fall.  The COVID coverage was really good, even though, at times, the Trump mockery seems to overwhelm anything else, and short-circuits memories.  Like the laughter at saying, months ago, that there would be a vaccine out this year.  I don’t remember any of this crew tripping over themselves to apologize for prior statements, that it’ll never happen, it’ll take years, etc.

    A certain level of self-awareness is good for everybody, not just the people you deplore.

    Good luck with the pod.

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  3. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Good point about the vaccine.  I guess they talk so much they don’t pay attention to what they say.  Some things stick in the mind of the listener, though.  I remember the joyful opprobrium that they heaped on Devin Nunes when he was beginning his investigation of Russiagate.  I wondered why, at the time, they would do that?  I did not know how it would turn out, but he certainly seemed to me to be doing the right things.  Some drink champagne, and keep drinking it regardless. 

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  4. Steven Iverson Inactive
    Steven Iverson

    Get your heads out of the sand and become informed. Massive evidence of election fraud in PA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohe2dQbNJwM&t=9266s

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