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  1. Podkayne of Israel Member

    As a woman, I’m going to propose that any female who is traumatized for a lifetime on the basis of having been groped as a teenager by another teenager at a suburban party should never have been left without strict supervision. Such females are obviously not hardy enough to be permitted to attend university out of town or to be employed outside the home. They should avoid public transportation and ideally not leave home except for strictly supervised medical visits, because they clearly have no emotional or social resilience whatsoever.

    I am all compassioned out here. Buck up, ladies, resolve in your minds that if you run with the wolves, it is possible that at some point you may get nipped. Either that, or stay in the den.

    I have 3 grown daughters. They have all overcome a bit of trauma. None of them act like this.

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    • September 28, 2018, at 2:26 AM PDT
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  2. Daniel Sterman Listener

    Okay so I think I finally figured out why Ford is 100% sure of her testimony but none of her witnesses support her story.

    She clearly comes from a parallel universe in which Kavanaugh actually did this.

    Somebody needs to ask her when Nelson Mandela died.

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    • September 28, 2018, at 5:27 AM PDT
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  3. Steven Iverson Member

    No Mr. Podhoretz, it would not be legitimate for a person (politics aside) to decide that one can not take the chance that Ford’s accusations are true and vote the nomination down. The woman is clearly troubled, has no corroboration and there is a mountain of exculpatory evidence in favor of the Judge Kavanaugh. He is innocent well beyond a reasonable doubt.

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    • September 29, 2018, at 5:55 AM PDT
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  4. Walker Member
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    Another week-kneed commentary by John and Noah. Thank you Sohrab for bucking the typical pessimism that comes out of this podcast. Stick with your gut. You don’t need to be a woman to understand what’s going on here — the most ruthless “whatever it takes” politics! Like Senator Graham, I continue to believe in the fight for Kavanaugh. Failure to do so will be ruinous for this nation. 

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    • September 30, 2018, at 10:53 AM PDT
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