On the last podcast of the week, Abe Greenwald and John Podhoretz (Noah Rothman is away) attempt to steady themselves despite the tsunami of news that threatens to drown us all. From executive orders to Ivanka’s Nordstrom problem, America is in danger of drowning in the Trumpnami.

We try to throw you a lifeline. Give a listen.

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  1. Quake Voter Inactive
    Quake Voter

    John, before repairing to that four year retreat in Tibet, think about moving to a twice monthly, rather than a twice weekly, format.

    Honestly, three guys with more than 400 IQ points, smart senses of humor and healthy cynicism shouldn’t be putting out such improv hysteria.  It’s throwing you off your game.

    Last week, we had to endure the assertion that core NATO comprised the countries which defeated the Nazis.  Apart from Italy, Spain, Austria, half of France and Germany, I guess.

    This week the Trump administration is to blame for nakedly political incoherence of the Ninth Circuit, whose signature approach to the law before Trump was Marshall-and-Story clarity and erudition.  And the formal observance of the One China Policy and the demise of the TPP (and its whopping .2% contribution to American GDP over 2o years) is some sort of Sino Suez for

    Take a breath guys.

    Or head to Tibet and come back with a screenplay.


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  2. Skarv Inactive

    I like the twice weekly schedule. Commentary podcast is a great podcast.

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  3. The Forgotten Man Inactive
    The Forgotten Man

    I believe a once yearly 15 minute summary of the news would be appropriate.  I have tried to listen to Commentary Mag podcast several times and it is impossible.

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  4. Lazy_Millennial Inactive

    Gentlemen, I love the Commentary podcast, but

    “this can’t go on”

    regarding Trump’s frenetic pace, and the crazy news cycles, is exactly wrong. It’s how Trump lives, and the news agencies love the traffic. Its y’all who feel you can’t go on, but you can. It’s just time to accept that the pace of news and events has jumped up. Driving on the freeway is more stressful than driving through neighborhoods, but a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel doesn’t make it easier. Relax, take a deep breath, then keep analyzing. Like freeway vs neighborhood, you’ll have to examine the details less and watch the big-picture stuff more. But also like freeway driving, once you get used to it, it can be quite enjoyable.

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  5. Penfold Member

    John, breath into the paper bag.  That’s it. You’re going to be fine.  Go to your happy place and calm yourself.  See?  All better.

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  6. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    I Walton

    I was in an auto long enough today to hear this and commentary magazine’s podcasts back to back. Interesting contrast between David Limbaugh and Podhoretz. I side with Limbaugh in describing the far left and their supporters in the media as the enemy that must be defeated. Podhoretz uses the term “delicate” time and again. Delicate doesn’t work except in surgery and on these subjects when writing sophisticated commentary articles about complex subjects. Government and politics are’t like that. The left has taken over the government, our universities, secondary schools, foundations and the media. Were they delicate accomplishing that? No they were persistent, unrelenting, aggressive and never apologetic. It is not conservative to leave total rot in place, to approach the status quo with a scalpel, that’s the conservatism of the European inherited elite. That approach cannot work here. The current system is corrupt, self replicating and the default position, the status quo, strengthens the centralizers, the rent takers, the parasites and always has. In commentary podcast the response to some ham handedness or ineptitude by the new President who has none of the secondary people in place is to pick up on the same hysterical language the left uses. Save your criticism for substantive issues when real damage has been done to the spirit and language of the constitution, or when policy is really wrong headed, which is almost certain to happen. Keep your powder dry for god’s sake.

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