Today’s podcast begins calmly with a conversation about whether people and voters take issues seriously or are now primarily motivated by negativity toward the other side. Then we start talking about Ukraine and Russia—and all hell breaks loose. If you dare, give a listen.

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    There was much discussion of starting talks with Russia over Ukraine.  But there was no discussion of how to get Ukraine involved in the talks.  From what I’ve read, the Russian actions this year have led to Russia being hated by Ukrainians, even most Russian speaking Ukrainians.  I don’t see Ukraine stopping until they fully liberate all the conquered territory.  And I don’t see the Russians being able to stop them short of nuclear weapons.  And the main point of talks is to prevent the use of nuclear weapons.

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  2. mildlyo Member

    Nice episode title. I hope Noah gets the help he need.

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  3. randallg Member

    Regarding the Moscow rally. It was not as popular or sinister as you think. The attendees were government employees who were bused in en masse, handed flags, and told to cheer which they did in a desultory fashion. They threw the flags away as they left. I recommend Jake Broe’s daily Youtube videos who discusses this in his latest:

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  4. ToryWarWriter Reagan

    Once again all the copium in the comments would be funny if it werent so sad.


    This war is incredibly popular in Russia.  Right now in Russia its like 2002 USA invasion of Afghanistan.  It will take years of stalemate before war weariness kicks in.  

    As to Ukraine how does anyone expect a country of now 25 million people defeat a country of now 165 million people.

    Remember all your sources are the same people who told you that we were winning for the last 20 years in Afghanistan, that the Iraqis were killing babies in incubators, and that Saddam had WMDs.  But I am sure they are telling you the truth about Ukraine.

    But I am sure when Russian tanks are in occupation of Kiev and Zelensky and all are being put against a wall and shot by Russian occupation troops I will still be able to tune into Commentary to hear Noah tell me how much Putin is still losing.

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