The podcast crew takes up the idea that American liberals have collectively hit upon their closing message for the election: The GOP is the party of the disease. The question, then, is: Will they change their tune and their approach to the virus if their team wins on November 3? Give a listen.

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  1. Kephalithos Member

    Doesn’t Christine claim to be a conservative?

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  2. WilliamDean Coolidge

    Kephalithos (View Comment):

    Doesn’t Christine claim to be a conservative?

    Care to elaborate?

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  3. Icarus213 Coolidge

    I do think these four are quite out of touch with how most of the country really feels about the virus.  When they describe how everyone is afraid of contagion and yells at you for not wearing a mask and fears dining inside and going to school, they are pretty much describing urban life on the East Coast, where they all live.  I live in a small city in Colorado, and very few people I know are truly afraid of the virus.  They see mask wearing as a pesky duty they are performing because they have to, but if I comment that I hate doing it and see it as an overreaction, the vast majority of people agree with me.  Most Americans who don’t live in cities can’t wait for life to get back to normal once their respective governors allow it.  

    So this idea that the American people are seeing the GOP as the Party Of The Virus basically only makes sense to urban liberals who think the virus itself is the biggest problem in America right now.  Many more Americans think our reaction to the virus is our biggest problem. 

    John, to his credit, admits this around 39:20. 

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  4. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Congrats on the Anniversary, and hope for many happy years for you two. Was there any reluctance back in the day – to be married on the 13th?

    I agree, the political understanding of the science of the lock downs will magically shift as soon as the election is over. I wonder if it break the backs of the believers and the victims of lock downs? Will all those who where unemployed or who missed funerals, graduations and weddings because see themselves in a charitable light – that their sacrifices where necessary… Or will they see themselves as suckers who lost everything (or a lot) to further a political agenda? I can see cynicism skyrocketing and trust in media and political institutions being destroyed by all this.

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