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  1. Ronald Ballinger Member
    Ronald Ballinger

    You might consider looking at the Great Barrington Declaration.

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  2. angelasg Inactive

    I very much enjoyed the conversation on elitism.

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  3. Ronald Ballinger Member
    Ronald Ballinger

    Folks:  College is actually and affirmative action “fence” that a company would have to employ.  Since college is hard over on diversity??

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  4. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    You talk about “nonsense” when there are psychological studies that show conservatives have bad traits and liberals have good traits.  I, like most conservatives who are news junkies, have heard of these studies, and other ridiculous things like scientists who said that “systematic racism” is a public health threat, and it’s OK to have mass protests, and are wishy-washy about rioting.  These bogus studies and statements from credentialed scientists harm the credibility of legitimate science.  Hence there is a lot of doubt among conservatives about how serious the current Wuhan virus is.

    I say Wuhan virus because the chattering classes want us to downplay where this came from and the negligence or worse of the Red Chinese government.  Many will say it’s racist to mention this.

    Also, one of those psychological studies has been found to be in error:

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