The podcast takes up a shocking New York Times poll that finds the president’s approval rating at a catastrophic 33 percent, with nearly two-thirds of Democrats wanting another candidate in 2024. And what’s this about the January 6 committee not bothering to ask Trump’s White House counsel what he might have said on that day? Give a listen.

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  1. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    The age thing and low poll ratings is not a crisis because Biden will not be driven from office until his term is up.  The US is not like Great Britain where a failing PM can be given the boot. 

    Everything depends on whether inflation subsides, price of gas remains stable and economy does not stay in recession. That will be much more clear within next 30 days. At most the end of the summer.  There is a good chance inflation will come down. The Fed is letting interest rates go up.  And every month that elapses takes the economy further from the time of the stimulus spending that presumably caused prices to rise. 

    The political analysis that commentary should be talking about is how a lame duck Biden will govern and whether he can do that effectively.  What if Larry Summers convinces him that democrats have to fix the economy and that since he is too old to run for reelection he might as well govern as a moderate?

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  2. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    Trump is gathering steam. His rally in Alaska looked to be very enthusiastic. His speech had a number of cutting sound bites that resonate with a lot of voters.  Desantis cannot speak anywhere as well.
    – you are gonna fire your rino senator
    – we are gonna end nancy pelosi’s politica career once and for all
    – big wins from supreme court. Thank me for that.
    – radical democrats working like hell to raise your taxes
    – we have bigger problems than to worry about global warming
    – we did a great job against the virus – 9 months to get what he called the unmentionable. ( which is an excellent sarcastic way to tell his voters they should be receptive of the vaccine. )
    – inflation costing families $6000 a year
    – we lifted people off of food stamps and welfare
    – we did not lose one soldier in Afg in 18 months. I told Taliban leader to not attack our people.
    – Afg withdrawal was done in way that was biggest embarrassment to our country
    – 70 thousand cars and trucks left behind – worst humiliation
    – we had safest border. now catch and release

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  3. La Tapada Member
    La Tapada

    It’s not just that Biden is old; it’s that people are suffering and I believe they will turn to someone with high energy who says they will change the situation in the country. It’s not just that he’s old in numbers; it’s that he doesn’t exhibit any energy at all. He just looks feeble and useless.

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