Daniel Casse, president of the G100 Chief Executive program, joins the podcast this morning to discuss the trap in which Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats find themselves. Namely, the idea that their political fortunes are tied to Covid case rates, over which they have no control. Also, a look back on the life of the late Sen. Bob Dole.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Of coarse. Its been 20 years, but we’re still molested every any time we get near a plane.

    No politician has the courage to take the risk of ending the TSA for fear that a week later something happens, and he take the blame for it. So yes permanent masking, vax passports and germ phobia.

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  2. texased Coolidge

    I wish the commentary “guys” (love you Christine!) would NOT mention Biden running again as if that is any kind of serious consideration by anyone. Much more worthy would be to speculate on what his party will have to do with him and Kamala some time before 2024.



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