Today’s podcast looks at the decision of Texas Gov. Abbott to loosen all state-level mandates relating to the coronavirus and asks whether this is a worthy experiment or a dangerous threat. And what about what’s going on with American policy toward Iran and Saudi Arabia? Give a listen.

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  1. Kephalithos Member

    That people like John, Abe, and Christine are willing, by their own admission, to obey the completely irrational and socially destructive outdoor mask-wearing norms which have developed among repellant, left-wing, conformist urban populations is precisely why this crisis is never going to end — and why western civilization is beyond saving. The left has made the human face into a symbol of evil, and it now desires and rewards physical ugliness. And you just shrug your shoulders and go along with it. Pathetic.

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  2. Penfold Member

    John, Abe, Christine and Noah:  Please, never change.  I look forward to my daily dose of crushing morosity and I miss it on the weekends.  If what you talked about didn’t spring from your personal experiences it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable.  

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  3. Marley's Ghost Coolidge
    Marley's Ghost

    I personally have enjoyed the change of obsessive focus after your four year run of “I hate Donald Trump and let me tell you that for the 1000th time today hour,” that has been the show until the beginning of February.  LOL  I have taken it as a given that the show will always come from a New York-centric point of view as anything done by New Yorkers is.  Growing up in Philly, you learn that early in life.  ;-) 

    Given the broad spectrum of podcasts and news sites that I read, I think making sure to listen to interaction among your group is great for making me review what I think I know about a topic and how I approach it.  You have a great dynamic and though I miss Sohrab, I find this one of the best round table discussion groups around. 

    Keep it up Commentary! 

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