Today’s podcast discusses the political impact of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, especially as regards Democratic darling Pete Buttigieg; considers the presidential candidacy of Vivek Ramaswamy (who?); and assesses the presidential chances of Republican Sen. Tim Scott. Give a listen.

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    Noah Rothman is still on the host list.

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  2. Noell Colin the gadfly Coolidge
    Noell Colin the gadfly

    Look who decided to take a day off an irrelevant balloon and mention Ohio… Or wait no, lets focus on the balloons again, I love seeing $400,000.00 missiles being used on $20 hobby balloons. I think we shot off 3 or 4? Surly 1.6million couldn’t have been put to better use. Surly… 

    Thankyou Abe for pushing back at John’s snobbery about the RNC gatekeeping… Unless he wants potentially popular candidates like Vivek or Trump to split the ticket, one aught be careful… 
    Side note, I’m starting to think that the Biden admin is just saying they are going to run again to give the illusion that he isn’t a lame duck. If he gets viewed as a lame duck, democrats cant push as effectively. “Hay you guys need to wait for the people to vote on this” type stuff.

    Vivek writing a paper on human hybrids is probably less of a symptom of where his mind goes, but where the minds of the elite’s are in those types of institutions. As in that is the conversation and he IS AGAINST it… So what exactly is wrong with that? 

    Also the Thiel thing is a bit played out I think. I mean what would one find if they were to dig into your top donors? 



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  3. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    “White Noise” was also prescient in its presentation of the supermarket as almost a place of worship (the place characters went upon learning their colleague had drowned in the Pacific, for example). To anyone who doubts the hallowed status bestowed upon the supermarket here in the northeast, I say one word: Wegmans.

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