The hosts dismantle the New York Times story involving new allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and speculate about the mentality that would lead the paper to publish such dubious material. Plus, the Middle East is on a knife’s edge following a devastating attack on Saudi oil refineries that American officials allege was Iran’s doing.

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  1. RebeccaCoffey Thatcher

    If Christine Blasey Ford gets anywhere near $25,000 a speech I certainly hope she uses her grown-up voice.

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    • September 16, 2019, at 12:35 PM PDT
  2. The Cloaked Gaijin Member

    Jamal Khashoggi must not be very important as he was called Adnan Khashoggi, and no one interrupted to correct the error.

    The Left also went after Roy Moore with the fire of a thousand suns with a phony yearbook dedication with about four completely different styles of handwriting. The Left apparently went after Roy Moore largely because of his view of homosexuals just as they go after conservative Supreme Court nominees. The Left spent years trying to dig up damaging things about Sarah Palin too with this process causing Andrew Sullivan to lose his marbles, although today Sullivan seems slightly sane compared to most of the Left.

    Ann Coulter and many conservatives were glad that Roy Moore was not elected, but most conservatives could not be bothered to defend Roy Moore in any way even if evidence appeared to be fake. Roy Moore was the undesirable, so truth was less important. It reminds me of that chart of all the female teachers who were convicted of statutory rape with the most attractive ones receiving no prison time or very little at all. False allegations are false allegations. The number does not matter. Just ask Daniel Holtzclaw who could very well be innocent.

    A single man looking at young girl? A person saying the phrase Long Dong Silver or pubic hair on a Coke can. These are career-ending offenses? I’m sure I’ve said worse things to women, and I try never to talk to women. Women of any age can ruin your career in an instant, if they don’t get their way. Men almost need to wear 24-hour body cameras when they are forced to interact with women. Men cannot always follow the Billy Graham/Mike Pence rule. Sometimes we have to make money.

    The Left forgets or doesn’t care that many men like Andrew Breitbart almost instantly became conservatives due to watching the Clarence Thomas confirmation battle.

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    • September 17, 2019, at 12:47 AM PDT
  3. rdowhower Coolidge

    Noah and Christine just can’t help seeing everything through their TDS lenses, can they? And David French and Charles Cooke agree with Christine that RBG is a classical liberal. Good grief.

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    • September 17, 2019, at 6:16 AM PDT
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  4. Jdetente Member

    Thank God we no longer have the Saudi Arabia oil policy described in this podcast. The last thing we need to do is start any military conflict due to the world oil supply. Let’s leave the past in the past. America and most Republicans have moved past starting wars just for the heck of it.

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    • September 17, 2019, at 12:50 PM PDT
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  5. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge

    JPod believes Anita Hill

    Good thing Commentary laid out why she lost

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    • September 17, 2019, at 3:18 PM PDT
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