On this podcast, we explain why, for the state of Israel, these are the very best of times, even though American Jews and those who hate Israel seem to believe otherwise to the exclusion of all available evidence. Then we talk about what Sohrab Ahmari dubs the North Korea “somewhat” and Mike Pompeo’s nomination. With a guest appearance by Skeletor. Give a listen.

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  1. Valiuth Inactive

    Guys. I love you and your podcast but sit closer to the microphone because I can hardly hear you guys talk. Someone tell John Podhoretz to talk louder or change the settings on his recording device. 

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  2. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    Ditto Valiuth’s comment. Even with the volume of my computer turned all the way up I couldn’t hear you unless I was sitting right nect to it. Maybe you guys should wait for Noah to come back before doing a podcast if you can’t even figure out volume controls.

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  3. JamesAtkins Member

    I thought it was just me

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  4. Douglas Baringer Coolidge
    Douglas Baringer

    JP needs to learn how to use a microphone and stop being Eyore.

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  5. Duane Oyen Member
    Duane Oyen

    I gave up after two minutes because this was utterly inaudible.  Apparently, some podcasts don’t want listeners who do not have 100% hearing.  I had to turn Andrew Klavan’s podcast down a bit, so the volume there was perfect; those produced by Ricochet are virtually always at excellent volume.  This one?  Don’t bother until they announce that the audio sound board has been repaired and the mixer pre-amp now actually works.

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  6. EEM Member

    I was stuck “listening” this podcast because I had queued it up on my I-Phone for a long drive and didn’t want to fuss with the phone while driving 70 mph on the freeway.

    I didn’t hear a word they said.


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