Today’s podcast takes in the horrible news about America’s shrinking GDP and the Biden administration’s responses to things over the past couple of weeks and asks the question we’ve been circling around for months: What if the top dogs in the White House are… stupid? Give a listen.

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  1. Buckpasser Member

    Are Brandon’s people dumb?  I’m sure that’s a rhetorical question.

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Yes, its an administration of affirmative action hires. Name a secretary of anything that has any experience in the area that they’re administrating? Transportation? Energy? EPA? DHS?

    These people are so out of their depths that they can’t be seeing daylight.

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  3. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    Totalitarians advance because it takes so long for good people to realize totalitarians are not dumb, stupid, or ignorant. Totalitarians lurk and work behind useful idiots, who are dumb, stupid, and ignorant.

    But good people are caught up in the shiny, distracting lights of stupidity in order to avoid confronting the horror of what’s really at work here—purposeful and systematic destruction of our Judeo-Christian, Anglo-Saxon, and Greco-Roman history, culture, and traditions.

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