Today’s podcast takes up the conundrum of the politics within the Democratic Party that led to fantasies of a new New Deal, which have been subjected to various reality tests this week injurious to Joe Biden and his agenda going forward. Also, more reader mail about vaccinations and whether we’re mean about them. Give a listen.

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  1. OwnedByDogs Coolidge

    I have relatives who refuse to get vaccinated because they have heard a lot of BS about the vaccines and the virus from everywhere. Fauci and the NIH and the CDC are a disgrace first of all. I can’t believe that Fauci is as naive as he seems to be about the CCP and can only assume that he has been lying to protect them from the beginning.¬†

    Then there is the media which seems to put out a new story every day to scare people into not taking the vaccine. I get things like “it doesn’t really work and it changes your DNA causing infertility and heart problems”, “look at VAERS!” and “I’ve already had COVID and it wasn’t bad at all (but they’ve never had an antibody test) and “most of those 600,000 died “with” COVID, not “from” COVID and were old and fat and about to drop dead anyway”.

    Well the vaccines clearly work. Side effects from the vaccines have been minimal. VAERS counts everything, so you could get the vaccine, go outside and get hit by a bus and that would be recorded in VAERS as attributable to the vaccine and considering that we have never vaccinated  so many people so quickly, I can only believe that the vaccines are safe and effective based on the data. 

    I am very grateful that I was able to get the vaccine. Ask someone in India if they’d like the vaccine.

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