With the polls seeming to be moving away from the president, it’s time to prepare for the prospect of a Biden presidency and a Democratic Congress. What will that look like? What will Biden do and what won’t he be able to do? And how will Republicans respond to their loss?

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  1. Bruce Mamont Thatcher
    Bruce Mamont
    @Bruce Mamont

    Today’s (and earlier) podcasts cited many missed (and probably lost) opportunities for Trump to make his case and parry Biden’s attacks.  These were frustrating to hear, as intelligent and insightful though they are.  I was struck by the idea that the criticisms of Trump’s failures in the debate comprise a standard against which any Republican candidate could be measured.  Trump dismally fails in such an assessment.  I wonder how Pence will do…as if it would matter.  Will other Republicans take note and learn?

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  2. Joseph Stocks Member
    Joseph Stocks

    So on October 1st the Commentary crew is calling it? I think this is the product of doing a podcast everyday, you just have to fill an hour with something.

    Do we have any YouTube clips of the media declaring Clinton the victor and no way Trump could win?

    There is a level of repeating 2016 here that is astonishing.

    The number one message the Biden campaign is taking from this smashing debate success is Trump won’t condemn white supremacists. That’s the Democrat message, if that doesn’t smack of desperation then I’m not sure what will convince you.

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