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  1. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    Christine – you had a lot of crypto and startup investment. Venture capital bailout.
    John – quoting FT: SVB locked up the deposits in low interest paying securities

    Very confusing. Which is it??  Are the podcast participants listening to each other?

    A depositor with $500 million in SVB has professionals monitoring how the bank has invested their money. Large account holders and the bank can workout agreements on how quickly they can withdraw their funds. Worse case is the depositor has to wait before being made whole.

    The podcast would have been more interesting if they discussed why large depositors keep their money in a bank.  Maybe  a corporation has to park its money for tax reasons.  The alternative being a distribution of the corporate savings to shareholders as a dividend – where the money is taxed.  So not a real problem for a large account holder to accept that they cannot withdraw their money for an extended period of time.

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  2. Noell Colin the gadfly Coolidge
    Noell Colin the gadfly

    For once, the commentary on SVB made sense to my current understanding and I wasn’t pulling my hair out. Furthermore todays podcast title is probably John’s magnum opus…
    On Everything Everywhere: John really don’t get why it isn’t a good movie and for the exact opposite reasons you state.
    1. The weird nonsense of the movie is apart of it’s charm, I could see it becoming a cult classic for that reason.
    2. The family story plot with the daughter IS the bad part.

    It’s making the philosophical argument for a type of moral relativism to justify acceptance for the lifestyle of the youth. Particularly the political gender stuff.
    The concluding being it’s not the new generation, not your children who are in the wrong, it’s YOU the old, the person tied to the past, the evil parent with standards and a way of life grounded in something.

    On a deeper level it tries to make the argument, poorly, that there is no basis in rationality and whatever basis there is, is a moving target all the time. This was the jojoba or whatever the evil daughter called herself.
    The answer the movie gave was a Nietzsche answer that what establishes moral meaning is resentment. Pity and compassion are the highest virtue. The oppressed, the daughter, has established moral meaning and it’s up to the mom, however tied up with her own life/feeling/problems, to drop everything and express radical compassion and pity for her. Neverminded why or for what. Life is stupid and pointless so lets just all accept every perversion or bad behavior about us and celebrate Christmas.

    Not a very good story in my opinion.

    Swiss Army Man was funny. I haven’t seen it for years, but anyone who can make a 15min long fart joke deserves your respect!

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  3. Noell Colin the gadfly Coolidge
    Noell Colin the gadfly
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  4. randallg Member

    Just read the wiki plot summary of Swiss Army Man. Gross! It’s worse than John said.

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