In the last podcast of the week, Noah Rothman and Abe Greenwald and John Podhoretz try to make the case for the new Republican health care bill as best they can, before going into the deeper question of what the bill’s particulars say about the Right’s commitment to making the case for a self-governing citizenry. They conclude that the elected officials of the Right no longer want to make that case, with parlous consequences for the future.

But then they make some jokes! Give a listen.

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  1. J Ro Member
    J Ro

    JPod: “I love high-speed rail.”

    I love high speed rail, too. The train I ride is sixteen coaches long (heh, heh) and usually filled with 1200 to 1500 passengers, each of whom pays about $1/minute to ride it. That’s expensive, but the system is mature (50 years), convenient, pleasant to ride (The polar opposite of my last Amtrak experience), and has never had a serious mishap. If Americans want that, fine, but it’s going to cost a bundle.

    As for the “most important infrastructure project in America,” the rail tunnel linking NJ to Manhattan, it amazes me that such an important tunnel (“The economy of the Northeastern United States depends on this.”) was heavily used for over 100 years in a capitalist economy and yet did not generate enough profits to pay for its own replacement. Hold on… I know! Let’s get taxpayers in Oklahoma and Oregon to pay for it!

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  2. Lily Bart Inactive
    Lily Bart

    One of the most demoralizing aspects of this Healthcare Insurance debate is that ‘conservatives’ aren’t even discussing the idea that managing our healthcare isn’t really the role of government.  So, I greatly appreciate that John Podhoretz is talking about it here.

    Why are there so few people working to limit government’s management of our lives and money?  It does seem that the republican party is now presenting itself as the party of ‘bog government under better management”

    We need to have this conversation.  We need people to stand up for liberty.


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  3. Lily Bart Inactive
    Lily Bart

    ….also, Obamacare is failing.  It doesn’t work.  Can you really take something ‘away’ that will be gone on its own with the passage of time?

    And in order to have ‘provided’ this insurance form some people, the government had to take money away from other people to pay for it, in the form of increased taxes or overcharging others for their healthcare insurance.    Can we please talk about the morality of forcing 3rd parties – actual strangers – to fund the health insurance costs of the lower middle class to make this group’s life easier?  Because this isn’t charity anymore, these people are not indigent.  This is wealth transfer – each according to his need, each according to his ability.

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