The bomb strike hit the Clinton campaign and the presidential race a few days ago, and the COMMENTARY crowd assesses the damage with the same level of information everybody else has but an unbridled willingness to speculate and categorize and just generally try to keep the conversation going.

With detours to South Korea and the question of the democratic model vs. the Chinese model — give a listen.

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  1. Columbo Member

    Duck! In-Comey-ing!

    NEW YORK, NY - MAY 07:  Phil Robertson visits "Extra" in Times Square on May 7, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

    (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

    Happy … Happy … Happy!



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  2. Mr. Conservative Inactive
    Mr. Conservative

    IF WE DOING COMEY TAKES, here’s my adaptation of lyrics to Joe Cocker’s THE LETTER

    (as sung, of course, by Hillary Rodham Clinton)

    Give me a ticket for an aeroplane

    Ain’t got time for no fast train

    Oh, white house dreams are gone,

    I’m-a goin’ home

    ‘Cause Comey wrote Congress a letter.

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  3. Mr. Conservative Inactive
    Mr. Conservative


    COM-EY!, to the tune of CALL ME! by Blondie

    (Again, as sung by Hillary Rodham Clinton)

    Charge me with your charges, baby

    Charge me in my car

    Charge me with your charges, darling

    I know who you are

    Come up off your legal pad

    I know where you’re coming from


    Co-mey, caught me, on the lies

    Co-mey, caught me every everytime

    Co-mey, caught me off my guard

    He can catch me day or night


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  4. Ontheleftcoast Member

    I think it was Peter Robinson doing the plague on both their houses about Trump and the Hillary camp calling the trustworthiness of the elections into question.

    There is a qualitative difference: A network of electoral victories coupled with corruption of the Justice Department have ensured that our elections are unreliable in ways that favor the Democrat party.

    No voter ID. Motor Voter and same day registration. Voting by ineligible voters. The corruption tends to defeat Republicans and taint Republican victories; a win-win for the Dems.

    That, plus the administrative state (which the corrupt electoral system helps preserve) is the fundamental reason that the US is no longer the best argument for democracy. We aren’t because it’s getting to the point that we are a one party state in many important ways (federal civil service for one) and jurisdictions. California, anyone?

    Trump’s problem is that even if he wins, his victory will be well within the margin of cheating. If the Dems are not able to cheat quite enough, they will, justifiably from their standpoint but falsely, say they were robbed.


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  5. ParisParamus Member

    JPod will need 24 hour surveillance when Trump wins by a lot.

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