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  1. Israel P. Inactive
    Israel P.

    When @noahrothman said that people have not internalized the significance of ending DACA, I thought he was going to mention chain migration, social services etc.


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  2. Israel P. Inactive
    Israel P.

    @johnpodhoretz seems to think that the GOP base who were happy when the House voted down DACA before Obama did his deed, would now be upset by cancelling it now.

    What is the logic to that?

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  3. dicentra Inactive

    Two arguments regarding (il)legal immigration never seem to be presented:

    First, if we accept that both assimilation and diversity are desirable goals, it makes sense to accept a healthy admixture of immigrants from many different places. The more different languages and different cultures are forced to interact, the more they must learn a common language (English) instead of sticking with their own. Illegal crossings from Latin American create large areas of unassimilated people who can get by without English and without becoming “Americanized.”

    Furthermore, the large unassimilated Spanish-speaking minority makes it hard for legal immigrants from, e.g., Philippines, Kenya, India, China, to function in the entry-level jobs because they risk being in a workplace where everyone speaks Spanish! Worse, they might find it difficult to be hired at all when the lower-level jobs are taken by illegals.

    Second, in countries such as El Salvador and Nicaragua, the societies have been taken over by narco-gangs. Young men are murdered if they refuse to join the gangs, and the gangs do nothing all day long but prey on the rest of the populace. Parents who sent their kids across the border were literally saving their lives. In those cases, sending the kids home may very well be a death sentence, and so insisting on adherence to The Law actually is cruelty, whereas the same insistence on sending someone home to Hermosillo is not.

    And there they are: two arguments.

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