Today’s podcast looks at the worse-than-expected inflation numbers and the determination of the media and Democrats to frame them as some kind of new normal and wonders what kind of strategy this might be for November. Best way to play a bad hand, or handing an opportunity to their Republican rivals to beat them about the face and neck? Give a listen.

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  1. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    How soon does corporate media change how to define inflation?

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  2. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    To take your metaphor a to its conclusion. Joe Biden is the prick that burst the democrat balloon.

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  3. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Yes, its a bad hand. On nearly every hand democrats should be loosing by double digits.

    Inflation – Is bad. Its their fault. From day 1 when Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline. The administration has been tone deaf on inflation for the last year – first it was transitory – supply chain problems – then it was Putin’s fault. But for a year, nothing was done about it.

    Afghanistan – Its not the pulling out that is the problem, in isolation its probably a winning move… The problem is how it was done. Abandoning allies, leaving weapons and equipment behind … Images of the panic at the airport, airlift from the embassy and the death of soldiers. (not to mention the droning of an innocent family in response)

    Crime – Every major city is seeing record crime rates, nearly every democrat spent a year bending every ear they could find on de-funding the police. The attack ads create themselves.

    Immigration – a woman was beheaded on the street, in broad daylight by an illegal immigrant. There are dozens of families – Angel families, I think they’re called – that have had someone killed by an illegal immigrant – these folks should be out eulogizing  their family members. These ads write themselves – they need not be attack ads no senator or congressmen held the coats of the murders, but they could make effective issue ads.

    Abortion – Is a primary issue for a very small voting block – mostly democratic, and mostly living in democrat cities – so the surge in support from abortion supporters will help the democrats in all the districts where they dont need it – and hurt them everywhere else. But only on the margins… 1 or 2% each way.

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