The revelations about how little Donald Trump paid in income taxes may be a central issue in tonight’s debate, but that could overshadow other issues that are more beneficial to Joe Biden and his party. What do the candidates need to do to “win” the first presidential debate?

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  1. Stephen Richter Member
    Stephen Richter

    Was a terrific debate.  Trump had good strategy to press Biden and did that very well. Biden showed that dementia has not yet overtaken him.  If he had decency he would thank Trump for doing that.

    Wish Trump had mentioned and defended Kyle. Why is he in prison without a trial?

    On white nationalists, why do democrats pick on proud boys? What have they ever done but fight Antifa thugs? 

    George Floyd – Trump is behind in polls and needs an issue where he can pit Biden with the mob and he, Trump, on the side of truth and the law. Derek Chauvin was trying to help Mr. Floyd. Keep him still while waiting for the overdue ambulance.  George Floyd was not murdered as Biden says. Defend the officer. Release him from prison.

    Covid – Sweden doing better than other European countries, which are seeing an increase in cases ( but not so much deaths ). Push Biden to explain why more lockdown is needed when Sweden doing well without.


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